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 Jaichim Carridin

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PostSubject: Jaichim Carridin   Jaichim Carridin I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 12, 2008 10:36 pm

Jaichim Carridin was a Whitecloak Questioner who was also a Darkfriend. He was summoned to a gathering of Darkfriends in Tel'aran'rhiod, where he called himself Bors and along with the others, shown images of Rand, Mat and Perrin by Ba'alzamon. Carridin was ordered to continue his work rooting out Darkfriends in Tarabon and to watch for the three. He was also give other instructions, imprinted deeply on his mind so that he would not even know what they were (The Great Hunt, Prologue). He tried to balance these instructions with his job as a Whitecloak, but several failures resulted in Moridin giving him to Milli Skane, who killed him (The Path of Daggers, Ch. 28)

Carridin was intelligent and cautious and was able to identify the origin and rank of the majority of the other people at the gathering (The Great Hunt, Prologue). He was also noted for his patience (The Dragon Reborn, Prologue) and ambition, it was believed he wanted to head the Questioners, or even the children themselves one day (Lords of Chaos, Prologue). Despite swearing to the Shadow, however, he holds to many of the prejudices he had before, such as an aversion to the Tuatha'an and an even stronger dislike of Aes Sedai (The Great Hunt, Prologue). He had three sisters, the youngest , Dealda, was taken at her wedding feast and another (The Shadow Rising, Ch. 39), Vanora, was also given to a Myrddraal as punishment for his failures before being cooked over a spit (A Crown of Swords, Ch. 16). He was tall, well into his middle years, with a touch of gray in his hair, yet fit and hard and with dark, deep-set eyes (The Dragon Reborn, Prologue).
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Jaichim Carridin
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