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PostSubject: THE HEROES OF THE HORN   THE HEROES OF THE HORN I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 15, 2008 12:04 am

The following is a list of the known Heroes of the Horn:

  • Amaresu: she is the wielder of the Sword of Sun which glows in her hands (A Crown of Sowrds, Swovan Night)

  • Artur Hawkwing: the Hammer of the Light. One of the greatest ta'veren ever known, and leader of the Heroes of the Horn. He is a tall, hook-nosed man with dark, deep-set eyes and a deep voice. Spokesman and leader of the Heroes, he carries his sword Justice at his side. Hawkwing was born in Shandalle, a nation that arose from the ruins of southwestern Almoren following the Trolloc Wars, the region of present day Cairhien. He began a campaign to conquer the known world, eventually uniting all the lands from the Great Blight to the Sea of Storms, from the Aryth Ocean to the Aiel Waste. Alienated from the White Tower, he laid a twenty-year siege on Tar Valon, putting the price of a thousand gold crowns on the head of every Aes Sedai (The Eye of the World, Eyes Without Pity). At the urging of Jalwyn Moerad (Ishamael), he sent his son Luthair across the Aryth Ocean, which led to the establishment of the Seanchan empire. Near the end of his reign he decided to build a new capital city which was independent from all other nations. For the site he chose a stedding, to avoid the influence of Aes Sedai. The common folk commissioned the building of a gigantic statue of Hawkwing which took five years to complete. On the day it was finished, Artur Hawkwing perished and his soul returned to Tel’aran'rhiod to await rebirth or the call of the Horn.

  • Birgitte Silverbow: "Faith of the Light"; archer with silver bow/arrows that never miss; linked with Gaidal Cain; ripped out of Tel’aran’rhiod and perhaps unbound from the Wheel/Horn; warder to Elayne Trakand.

  • Blaes of Matuchin: Strong as the ash; lithe as the willow; beautiful as the rose. She is golden-haired and will die before she yields. It is said the Dark One has marked her as his own, but she has never turned to the Shadow (The Eye of the World, Watchers and Hunters).

  • Buad of Albhain: (The Eye of the World, Watchers and Hunters)

  • Calian the Chooser: riding red-masked at her brother Shivan’s side (A Crown of Swords, Swovan Night)

  • Gaidal Cain: A swarthy, dark and strongly muscled man with a face wide and flat, a nose too big, a mouth too broad and a voice too harsh; carries two swords, the hilts of which can be seen sticking above his shoulders; linked with Birgitte; was reborn in the flesh, and currently exists in the world as a child or young boy.

  • Lian: (The Eye of the World, Watchers and Hunters)

  • Mikel of the Pure Heart: also known as Michael (The Great Hunt, The Grave Is No Bar To My Call and A Crown of Swords, Swovan Night)

  • Otarin: also known as Oscar (The Great Hunt, The Grave Is No Bar To My Call)

  • Paedrig: the golden-tongued peacemaker, also known as Patrick (The Great Hunt, The Grave Is No Bar To My Call and A Crown of Swords, Swovan Night)

  • Rogosh Eagle-eye: Rogosh of Talmour; famed at the court of the High King; feared on the slopes of Shayol Ghul; the greatest of the Hunters, a fatherly looking man with white hair and eyes so sharp as to make his name merely a hint. He made a famed bargain with Dunsinin, whom he loved. (The Eye of the World, Watchers and Hunters and The Great Hunt, The Grave Is No Bar To My Call)

  • Shivan the Hunter: Brother of Calian; herald of the end of Ages, the destruction of what had been and the birth of what was to be; rides black masked at Calian's side (A Crown of Swords, Swovan Night)
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