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PostSubject: Gholam   Tue Apr 29, 2008 5:46 pm

The gholam is another creation of Aginor. Only six, three male and three female, were ever created, and only one is known to survived the Breaking (preserved in a stasis box). The gholam are among the Shadow's most deadly creatures. Appearing human in form, gholam are extremely strong and they appear to be impervious to most forms of physical injury due to their lack of bones and blood as well as their elasticity. A gholam can slip through the tiniest of cracks due to its lack of bones. Because of their incredible strength, they are able to rip a door off its hinges with one hand. They must regularly consume blood to stay alive; while they prefer human blood, the blood of any living creature will do.

Finally, as their only purpose is to kill channelers, they were made completely immune to the One Power (this may have contributed to their rarity: should these creatures have turned against the Forsaken, they would have been difficult to destroy). Only one thing has been known to injure them: a foxhead medallion, currently in the possession of Matrim Cauthon, caused burns when brought in contact with the gholam. It is possible that this is because of their similar natures; the medallion has been shown to protect Mat from the direct effects of channelling.

While not necessarily made of the same material, the gholam and Mat's foxhead medallion are seemingly the only things which absorb the One Power, other than cuendillar (which is said to be strengthened by it, not dispersed/conducted by it).
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