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 A Memory of Light to be two Volumes?

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PostSubject: A Memory of Light to be two Volumes?   Mon Jun 23, 2008 11:44 pm

Brandon Sanderson in his Blog dated June 23, 2008 says that he is well on the path to complete the draft copy of A memory of Light by the end of this year. He also anticipates the draft copy to be between 400,000 to 500,000 words and hinted at a very fine possibility that the final copy might perhaps be as large as 600,000 words.

Also, in his Blog he says that the Book Stores at large are pressuring Tor Books to split the twelfth and final installment of Robert Jordan's "The Wheel of time," into two volumes. Brandon says that part of the reason Tor could end up having to cut it would have to do with bookstore pressures. They're already very upset with Tor at the length of its books, as they take up a lot of shelf space at the store and earn less money per inch for the booksellers than books in other genres.

In response to this, Brandon had this to say about that,
Brandon Sanderson wrote:
...Anyway, my job is to write the book at the length it needs to be to make the best book possible, whatever that length may be. We'll let Harriet and Tor decide how to present the final product! Keep an eye on the blog for future updates, as I'll know more about length once I've finished a few of the other sections.

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A Memory of Light to be two Volumes?
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