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 Ebou Dar -- Altara

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PostSubject: Ebou Dar -- Altara   Sat Jul 05, 2008 11:06 pm

Capitol City - Ebou Dar

Altara is a country located between Illian and Amadicia. The river Eldar forms its western border. The nation is not united and often some nobles have more power than the King or Queen. Its capital, a port, is Ebou Dar, located in the south. The banner of Altara is two golden leopards on a field checked four-by-four in red and blue.

Ebou Dar celebrates more festivals and feastdays than any other city on the map. Even so, it is a wild and dangerous place, especially in the Rahad, where the poorer classes live. Outside the city, the country consists of inhabitants who associate themselves with a particular town or lord rather than the Queen or Altara.

Women in Altara are dominant, especially in Ebou Dar. In fact, in many situations an Altaran woman has the right to kill a man unquestioned. Knives and swords are an important part of Altaran life. Both men and women fight duels over trivial disputes, often with fatal results. Altaran women carry marriage knives, which serve both as a formal way to broadcast marital status (its color and decorations describe marital and motherly status), and a way to deal with their men.

In the year 957 NE, the Children of the Light (Whitecloaks) invaded Altara. They were opposed by Altara, Murandy and Illian. Eventually the Whitecloaks were pushed back, and the war became known as the "Whitecloak War."

Following the split in the White Tower, those Aes Sedai who refused to accept Elaida as Amyrlin Seat fled to Altara. There they set up a temporary Tower in exile in the abandoned village of Salidar. Salidar has since been vacated by these Aes Sedai as they travelled north to besiege Tar Valon.

Recently the Seanchan conquered Ebou Dar and the southern part of Altara. They allowed the current queen Tylin Mitsobar to remain on the Throne of the Winds. However, Tylin was killed by a Gholam and her son Beslan has since ascended to the Throne. It remains to be seen what stance he has taken towards the Seanchan occupation, although it is known that he is opposed to their presence - before his coronation, at least.

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Ebou Dar -- Altara
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