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 Mistborn Mini Figurines

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PostSubject: Mistborn Mini Figurines   Sat Dec 20, 2008 11:29 pm

Brian Sanderson Blog entry Posted on 12.14.08

Mistborn Mini Figurines

Okay, sorry to post yet another store item in such rapid succession. We've been working on a number of different items for the store, since it's been pretty bleak since we created it, offering only the signed books. I was hoping to space out these things a little more, but they all kind of got done around the same time.

This is the third and final of the projects we've been working on, along with the vinyl decals and the poster. (We'll get the revisions made on that and put it up for you to see again later in the week.)

Anyway, today's offering is very, very cool.

One of my friends, Drew Olds, is a professional figure sculptor and painter. For a while, he's been working on Mistborn figs, and he finally got the figures back from the manufacturer. I think they look amazing. These were hand-sculpted by Drew, and he's offering them for sale in pewter or 'ready to paint' pewter finish. He even has hand-painted versions for sale that he did himself. (NOTE: I'd thought that the 'ready to paint' ones were plastic, but I was wrong. All of these are in pewter, the ready to paint ones just have a priming spray on them while the display pewter ones have a display patina on them.)

And the prices are very reasonable. About ten bucks each for the unpainted, about fourteen for the pewter patina, and around twenty-three for the the hand-painted. (The prices vary, depending on which fig you want. There are also full sets sold at a discount.)

These are intended for anyone, not just gamers. The display pewters ones look beautiful, and would look great in a keepsake showcase or on your desk. The painted ones would work very well as cubicle buddies at work. And of course, if you're into War Machine or Warhammer, you could always replace your orc army with koloss instead. Wink Use them in your D&D campaigns or just as collectibles.

He's done four sculpts. The painted koloss above is awesome--you have to see it up close to appreciate it. There's also a Vin fig, a Kelsier fig, and an Inquisitor fig. These are sold and shipped by Drew's company; I'll put up a store entry linking there soon, but for now click on any of the pictures above to visit their site.

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Mistborn Mini Figurines
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