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 New Annotation and Deleted Scene

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PostSubject: New Annotation and Deleted Scene   New Annotation and Deleted Scene I_icon_minitimeFri Mar 20, 2009 10:38 pm

Brian Sanderson Blog entry Posted on 03.19.09

New Annotation and Deleted Scene

Two major updates for you on the Mistborn series.

The first is a new annotation, Chapter Fifty Eight of Mistborn Two. This is the next-to-last annotation for this book.

And, since we're so close to the ending, I thought I'd go ahead and post the alternate ending that I wrote for the book. A lot is the same, though a lot of the trappings are different. There's a longer explanation in the post.

In other news, our friend Howard just got nominated for a Hugo! Congrats, Howard. You deserve it.

Interestingly, he's up against the Dabel Brothers treatment of a Dresden Files story. I know that some have had problems with the Dabel Brothers when it comes to contracts, but I have to say, I've absolutely loved their visualizations of the Wheel of Time series. I've had the privilege of seeing some early images of an upcoming release, and I'm very impressed. They have a very, very talented team.

And I guess I'll go ahead and give a congrats to Girl Genius too, which is also nominated in the same category. It's one of the very best comics on the web. Howard, my friend, you're in a bittersweet place. It's always good to be in such good company for an award, and yet it can be frustrating as well.




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New Annotation and Deleted Scene
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