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 Final cover art for TGS

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PostSubject: Final cover art for TGS   Thu May 14, 2009 11:39 pm

Tor Books has revealed the Final Edition for the cover art of The Wheel of Time's book twelve, The Gathering Storm. A teaser cover has been floating around for a little over a month now and has been posted here on Emonds Field. Darrel Sweet who has been the cover artist for nearly all of the books has been commissioned once again and has acheived a stupendous image for this book.

So here it is folks....

It's here finally, and I'm free to post it.

Brandon Sanderson had this to say about the new cover for TGS:
Brandon Sanderson wrote:
My thoughts? I like it a lot better than the sketch that was floating around. I like how he covered the stump of the arm with the cloth; I was wondering how that would be painted without looking very strange. It's also very odd to see my name beneath Mr. Jordan's in front of a Darrell Sweet cover. I wonder if that will ever NOT feel strange.

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Final cover art for TGS
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