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 Signing In IF + Other Updates

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Signing In IF + Other Updates Empty
PostSubject: Signing In IF + Other Updates   Signing In IF + Other Updates I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 17, 2009 2:29 am

size=12]Brian Sanderson Blog entry Posted on 06.16.09[/size]

Signing In IF + Other Updates

I will be doing an appearance at the Barnes and Noble in Idaho Falls, Idaho this Saturday. I don't have times yet--it will be in the afternoon, but I need to double-check with the store before I post anything. I'll have it up here soon. But if you live in the Idaho Falls/Rexburg/Pocatello area, I just wanted you to get a heads up.

Sam Weller's still has some numbered copies of Warbreaker left. To get one:

Customers will need to contact us via email, fax or phone.
To confirm, they are:
(801) 595-0051. fax
(801) 328-2586, phone

I won't be able to get those personalized for you, I'm afraid. But they ARE signed and numbered. Last I checked, they had about thirty left or so from the original sixty I left behind after my signing. I think they might still be discounting them 20%, so make sure to ask.

I've had a report or two of people who asked Sam Weller's to get me to personalize their book, but then got a book with no personalization. I'm trying to figure out how widespread this is. I know I personalized a lot of books, but I worry that someone on staff there didn't know how to write things down properly. So if you're in this group, drop me an email so I can get a count and decide if action needs to be taken.

In other bookstore news, Chadwick--from McNally Robinson Booksellers in Manitoba, Canada--was kind enough to send me the following picture, with Warbreaker on display. If you live in the area, this looks like a fine, fine bookstore to be visiting!

Signing In IF + Other Updates IMG_1244_1_1

If you can't read it, that sign says "Fantasy you should be reading." I'm flattered, Chadwick! Thank you for the wonderful display. Are any of the rest of you booksellers who have a Warbreaker display in store? (And if not, do you feel like giving me one?) If so, drop me a picture so I can post it!

Finally, since it looks like I'm doing all kinds of random updates, I got a big laugh when [url= read Pat Rothfuss's blog entry earlier in the week[/url]. It appears that his girlfriend has been going to the same website Pemberly visited when Limebaby was still in the womb. A quote from Pat:

Anyway, this current site talks about how big your baby is... compared to different foods.
Now at first, this seems okay. Babies and fruit share certain characteristics. Babies are natural. Fruit is natural. They both grow. They're both tied to reproduction.
Also, fruit is a good frame of reference. We all know how big a lime is, for example.

But as you scroll through the pictures, they don't use fruit exclusively. They use other foods, too, and some of these are... odd. Personally, I find it odd to compare a baby to things like a cooked shrimp, (which strikes me as creepy) or a pineapple (which makes my imaginary womb profoundly uncomfortable).

Ha. As many of you know, my son is affectionately called "Limebaby" on my website and sometimes in real life. He actually got his nickname for the very reason Pat is talking about. Pemberly and I were in the habit of calling him after whatever food they used on Babycenter. So, his name would be "Peababy," for the week they said he was the size of a pea. "Blueberrybaby" when he was a blueberry, and so forth.

Then we got to Jumbo Shrimp. And suddenly it just felt creepy. He froze at the name we'd been using before he became a jumbo shrimp, remaining Limebaby all through the womb. He might be stuck with it for life...

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Signing In IF + Other Updates
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