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 More Twitter Fun

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PostSubject: More Twitter Fun   More Twitter Fun I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 10, 2009 7:44 pm

size=12]Brian Sanderson Blog entry Posted on 07.08.09[/size]

More Twitter Fun

Okay, let's get this rolling. First off, remember that I'll be doing #tweettheauthor here in about 40 min. (Starting at 12:00 Mountain.) It's going to be interesting. Can Brandon answer questions in 140 characters? We shall see. Feel free to start shooting me questions right about that time. Just post them and include #tweettheauthor at the end. I'll start sending out replies on my Twitter account, and they'll be targeted @ the person who asked the question. So if my answer is confusing, you can click on their name to find the original question.

And, in conjunction with this, let me ask you this: How clever are you? My readers have a long history of posting fake reviews of THE WAY OF KINGS on Amazon. (Since they have an entry for the book, and have had one for a good five years now, even though the book wasn't scheduled to come out until recently.) To commemorate finishing the novel—and because I think it would be fun—I'm putting out a call for fake Twitter-length reviews of the book. Post them today on Twitter, any time, and use the tag #FakeKings. I will collect the best of them and post them on my blog, like I did with the Scaliz thing last week. If you use Twitter and want a little more attention for your account, this would be a great way.

If you don't have a Twitter account, and have no real interest in getting one, you can still follow along by doing a search on Twitter's site for one of the tags above. You can watch my Twitter feed here. If you want to post a fake Kings review Tweet, you can drop it onto my LJ, which allows anonymous posting. I'll look there when I'm collecting my favorites. (Just keep the posts short.)

So . . . why all of this Twitter stuff? Is it just a fad? I don't know. It's fun for the moment, and if it all dies down eventually, I'll feel I've gotten what I want out of it. I like how micr-blogging allows me to give a few updates each day for my readers. I don't feel as much pressure to create blog posts, so when I do blog, the content is usually is a little more substantial. Twitter works for me, as I have a feed going on my desktop and can watch what other authors and my friends are up to. (Though, to be honest, I like the micro-blogging via facebook better, as people tend to post replies there and it feels more interactive. With Twitter, you just send a tweet out there, and never know what people are thinking when they see it.)

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More Twitter Fun
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