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 The Wheel of Time Recap

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PostSubject: The Wheel of Time Recap   The Wheel of Time Recap I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 09, 2009 11:17 am

To get ready for The Gathering Storm we have provide you with a Re-Cap of what's happened thus far in The Wheel of Time. So here you go.

Rand al’Thor

Rand and his party continue to rest up at Lord Algarin’s estate in eastern Tear. With Rand are Lan and Nynaeve, Logain, Min, Loial, Cadsuane, Verin and Alivia, the four hundred year old damane who is destined to “help Rand die”. Loial’s mother, Elder Haman and Erith arrive and Loial is married before he can think. A huge army of Trollocs attacks and, for the first time, Rand senses what he believes to be Lews Therin wresting control of saidin from him. Bashere arrives with news that the meeting with Tuon is set. Rand and his party attend the meeting but it is a trap set by Semirhage. Cadsuane’s ter’angreal foil the trap and Semirhage is captured, but she throws a fireball that destroys Rand’s left hand.

Perrin Aybara

Tallanvor sets up a meeting between Perrin and General Tylee Khirgan of the Seanchan army. They agree to join forces to free Faile and take out the Shaido in Malden. Perrin formulates the plan. They acquire tons of forkroot and dump it in the Malden water supply to disable the Shaido Wise Ones. Perrin also brings in Tam al’Thor and Two Rivers longbowmen.

Meanwhile, Galina forces Faile to get the Oath Rod from Therava for her in exchange for a promise of freedom. Faile gets the Oath Rod, but Galina traps Faile and her companions including Maighdin (ex-Queen Morgase) and Alliandre in a collapsing house. Maighden uses her weak channeling ability to signal for help and friends free them just as Perrin’s forces enter the city.

Perrin is fighting his way into the city when Aram tries to murder him. Masema convinced Aram that Perrin is really Shadowspawn. Aram dies from a Shaido arrow and Perrin and Faile are finally reunited. They plan to head north, directly toward Galad and his 7,000 Whitecloaks.

Therava recaptures Galina and the Oath Rod and the surviving Shaido head back to the Aiel Waste forever.

Mat Cauthon

Valan Luca’s circus and Mat and his eclectic party including Tuon, Selucia, Thom, and Aludra head northeast through Altara. Aludra picks up fireworks supplies in Jurador. An attack on Mat by a high ranking citizen/Darkfriend forces them to part company with Valan Luca. The Band of the Red Hand rejoins Mat and they set about skirmishing their way through the Seanchan army to leave Altara. Banner General Karede of the Deathwatch Guard has been tracking Tuon and finally catches up to Mat. Mat agrees to let him take her back to Ebou Dar. This completes Lidya’s Foretelling and Tuon completes the marriage ceremony making Mat Prince of the Ravens. Tuon returns to Ebou Dar with proof the Suroth was behind the murder attempts and Suroth is made da’covale.

Meanwhile, Mat finally reads Thom’s letter from Moiraine. The letter says she is held by the Aelfinn and Eelfinn and that Mat, Thom and one other can rescue her via the Tower of Ghenjei.
Bayle Domon knows exactly where the Tower lies and can lead them there.

Elayne Trakand

Elayne fends off attacks by Arymilla while trying to discover who Doilan Mellar is working for. Aviendha discovers that she can read ter’angreal to determine their function. On Rand’s orders she heads for Arad Doman with the rest of the Taardad Aiel to restore order. Elayne follows a lead on Mellar with Vandene, Careane and Sareitha. They discover the Black Ajah house with Lady Shiaine but they are captured. Vandene takes vengeance on Careane after learning she killed Adeleas but she and Sareitha are then killed. While the Black Ajah smuggle Elayne out of the city, Birgitte rushes back to the palace to get help from the Windfinders. The Windfinders blast the Black Ajah sisters and all are killed or captured. Elayne is freed. Meanwhile, Arymilla launches an all out attack. Elayne’s army triumphs and Arymilla and her supporters are captured. Most of the major Houses throw their support behind Elayne giving her the Lion Throne.

The Rebel Aes Sedai

Following Egwene’s capture, Siuan brings news from Tel’aran’rhiod that she is okay and still in charge. Beonin, a traitor, flees to the White Tower. Lelaine and Romanda renew their attempts at control. Merise and Jahar arrive with a message from Rand, that those Aes Sedai loyal to Egwene may bond Asha’man to balance the number of bonded Aes Sedai. Jahar detects someone using saidin to try to listen in. Romanda finally connects Kairen’s and Anaiya’s murders to their common friend Cabriana Mecandes, and orders the arrest of Halima Saranov (aka Aran’Gar aka Balthamael reborn), but it is too late. She and Delana already fled.

Egwene and the White Tower

The Sitters continue their search for the Black Ajah, but the heart structure proves effective and they quickly run into a dead end. Alviarin has the rest of the Black Ajah trying to identify the hunters. Alviarin’s orders through Elaida have been so effective that the Ajahs are at each others’ throats and the White Tower is near civil war. Elaida seems oblivious. On Elaida’s orders, Egwene is left free but reduced to novice and drugged to limit her channeling. She maintains her dignity and her claim to the Amyrlin Seat despite repeated punishment. She gradually wins the respect of many Aes Sedai and open admiration from the novices. She still has not had a face to face meeting with Elaida.

Tsutama Rath, head of the Red Ajah, orders Red sisters to approach the Black Tower with the intent of bonding Asha’man. Six Red sisters meet with Mazrim Taim and he quickly agrees to let them, but his final words, “Let the Lord of Chaos rule,” are ominous.

Gawyn Trakand and the Younglings

Were last seen camped in the village of Doilen near Tar Valon. They have been there since their return from Dumai’s Wells. In the Crossroads of Twilight prologue he receives orders from Elaida, but we do not know what they are or what happens after that. Galad Damodred is leading a faction of the Whitecloaks somewhere north of Perrin’s army. Moiraine Damodred fell through the twisted red doorway with Lanfear at the end of The Fires of Heaven. According to her letter, she hopes that Thom, Mat and one other will rescue her from the Aelfinn and Eelfinn. Rodel Ituralde is fighting a campaign against the Seanchan army in Arad Doman while the Aiel, Asha’man and Darlin all try to restore order and the Sea Folk bring supplies.

The Forsaken

Since the battle at Shadar Logoth we have only seen Moridin, Demandred, Graendal, Cyndane and Moghedien at a brief meeting. Their current whereabouts and activities are unknown. Moridin (Ishamael reincarnated) is now Nae’blis so he will certainly play a key role. He still holds the mindtraps of Cyndane and Moghedien. Osan’gar (Aginor reincarnated) appears to be well and truly dead this time. Robert Jordan has confirmed that Demandred is not posing as Mazrim Taim. Graendal is likely still in her palace in Arad Doman; we expect to see more of the most underrated Forsaken. All evidence says that Cyndane is Lanfear reincarnated, but anything more is speculation. Semirhage, set a trap for Rand but it failed and she was captured. Jahar Narishma detected Aran’gar (Balthamel reincarnated) channeling saidin in the rebel Aes Sedai camp and she is now on the run. Mesaana is still in the White Tower suitably chastened after her confrontation with Shaidar Haran. We have not seen Padan Fain since his failed attack on Rand in Far Madding. He is a wild card so who knows where he will turn up next?

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The Wheel of Time Recap
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