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 Who are the Forsaken?

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PostSubject: Who are the Forsaken?   Who are the Forsaken? I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 12:11 am

In the fictional world of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy series, the Forsaken (or Chosen, as they would prefer to be called) are thirteen of the most powerful servants of the Dark One. Originally there were more than this, but twelve died during the The War of Power. At the end of War they were all meeting at Shayol Ghul when Lews Therin Telamon and his Hundred Companions sealed the hole in the Dark One's prison, and the Forsaken in it. Many were formerly Aes Sedai, but they became corrupted by the desire for power and immortality.

The eight male Forsaken are:
  • Aginor, deceased (killed by Rand al'Thor) resurrected as Osan'gar (see below) and later killed again by Elza at the cleansing.
  • Asmodean, deceased (his killer unknown, but irrevocable as the Dark One stated he "died the final death")
  • Balthamel, deceased (killed by the Green Man), resurrected as Aran'gar (see below).
  • Be'lal, deceased (killed irrevocably with balefire by Moiraine Sedai)
  • Demandred, whereabouts unknown.
  • Rahvin, deceased (killed irrevocably with balefire by Rand al'Thor)
  • Ishamael, deceased (killed by Rand al'Thor), resurrected as Moridin (see below).
  • Sammael, deceased (killed by Mashadar and Rand al'Thor). His death is confirmed in an interview with Robert Jordan.

The five female Forsaken are:
  • Graendal, currently posing as the ailing Lady Basene in Arad Doman.
  • Lanfear, last seen passing into the twisted door ter'angreal whilst fighting Moiraine Sedai. It is widely speculated that by some unknown means (perhaps a redemption by the Dark One himself) Lanfear has returned as Cyndane in a new body (see below) and has since been mindtrapped.
  • Mesaana, currently within the White Tower, directing the Black Ajah.
  • Moghedien, mindtrapped and Moridin's servant/slave.
  • Semirhage, captured by Rand al'Thor.

The New Forsaken

To date, four of the Forsaken who have been killed have been resurrected by The Dark One. They are, Ishamael, Balthamel, Aginor and, presumably, Lanfear. Their resurrected forms do not resemble their former identities at all. For example, Cyndane is described as having silver hair and light coloured eyes, whereas Lanfear possessed dark beauty. The resurrected form of Cyndane who was once Lanfear is not as strong as she used to be for unknown reasons. And Balthamel, a male Forsaken, was ressurected into a female body, although Aran'gar continues to channel the male half of the True Source.
  • Ishamael - Moridin
  • Lanfear - is believed to be Cyndane; mindtrapped by Moridin.
  • Balthamel - Aran'gar
  • Aginor - Osan'gar, deceased (killed again by Elza (ironically a Darkfriend) at the cleansing of saidin).

Note: Many of the names of the Forsaken show influences from Jewish, Christian, and Islamic demon lore and legend. Also, it is never clearly stated in the books who the 'new' Forsaken were in the Age of Legends, but it is possible to make educated guesses by matching their personalities and the opinions of the other Forsaken.
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Who are the Forsaken?
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