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 Aginor - Ishar Morrad Chuain

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PostSubject: Aginor - Ishar Morrad Chuain   Aginor - Ishar Morrad Chuain I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 12:39 am

Aginor, the dreaded Forsaken, was born Ishar Morrad Chuain. In the Age of Legends he was a master researcher who had unlocked the secrets of science and the One Power. His discoveries led him into dangerous territory as he began experimenting and creating living entities that were not part of the Creator's original world. Giving his soul to the Dark One meant that Aginor would be allowed to experiment on his creations and populate his master's army.
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When Lews Therin Telamon and his Hundred Companions sealed the Dark One and the other Forsaken away, Aginor was trapped near the surface of the prison. He could not interact with the world, but he could sense it, and float around the world. 3,000 years of captivity ground his body into decay.

After his release from the prison, Aginor went to the Eye of the World and confronted Rand. There he was killed by Rand, who used the Power within the Eye to destroy him.

But the Dark One's greatest servants are often given a second chance....
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Aginor - Ishar Morrad Chuain
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