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 Be'lal - Duram Laddel Cham

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PostSubject: Be'lal - Duram Laddel Cham   Be'lal - Duram Laddel Cham I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 11:36 pm

Very little is known about the Forsaken Be'lal. We know that his name in the Age of Legends was Duram Laddel Cham, and that he was accomplished and well respected. (Hence the three-part name). He was a master swordsman and a one-time dueling companion of Lews Therin before the War of the Shadow. Be'lal - Duram Laddel Cham Pbucket
After awaking from his long sleep in the Dark One's prison, he went to Tear and claimed the great sa'angreal, Callandor, for his own. Unable to touch it because of ancient wards, he lured Rand into the Heart of the Stone to try and tempt him into taking it. The plan worked, and Rand drew out Callandor. But the rest backfired on Be'lal and he was destroyed by Moiraine's balefire.
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Be'lal - Duram Laddel Cham
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