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 Asmodean - Joar Addam Nessosin

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PostSubject: Asmodean - Joar Addam Nessosin   Asmodean - Joar Addam Nessosin I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 11:44 pm

Of all the reasons to sell one's soul to the Dark One, Asmodean had the strangest: music. Music and poetry were what Joar Addam Nessosin cared most about before he went over to the Shadow. He was well known as a musician, and respected as a channeler.

When the War of Power began, Asmodean believed that victory was going to belong to the Dark One. So he committed himself to
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that side of the war and committed countless atrocities, including the severing of his own mother.

After his 3,000 year sleep inside the Dark One's prison, Asmodean teamed up with Lanfear to track Rand into the Aiel Waste. There he marked Couladin with the dragon tattoos in order to advance chaos. After battling with Rand for control of the male Choeden Kal, Asmodean was shielded by Lanfear and forced to be Rand's teacher. He reluctantly did so and gave Rand some invaluable lessons regarding saidin and the Dark One himself.

After Caemlyn was taken back by Rand, Asmodean was killed under mysterious circumstances, kicking off the largest debate in Wheel of Time fandom: Who Killed Asmodean? We may not know for certain who did it, but we do know that Asmodean will not be coming back. The Dark One himself confirmed that he is done. That's probably what you get for severing your mother.
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Asmodean - Joar Addam Nessosin
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