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 Rahvin -- Ared Mosinel

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PostSubject: Rahvin -- Ared Mosinel   Rahvin -- Ared Mosinel I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 2:51 am

Sammael hated Political intrigue but Rahvin much preferred such diplomacy and manipulation to open conflict. A tall dark man of large build, Rahvin was quite handsome despite the white hair streaking his temples.
Nothing is known of Ared Mosinel before the Collapse, when he appeared among the highest Council of the Dark One's forces, and in truth, not a great deal after either. There is little doubt that he thirsted for power above all else and turned to the Dark Lord to satisfy that thirst. It is believed that he used Compulsion discreetly, bending minds and wills to assure his constant control of any situation.
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Under the Shadow he held both Military commands and Political office, and while he was a fair General, it was in the Political and Diplomatic arenas that his abilities blossomed though with a decided bent towards manipulation. He is credited with causing several regions to surrender to the Dark One's forces without actual invasion. the regions he governed for the Shadow were efficiently if not harshly administered, though often with a lack of attention to detail.

Rahvins two major weaknesses were his love of sycophancy and his fondness for women. Many people gained psositions in his administration by flattering him, although he was wuick to remove them if they proved to unsuited to the position.

Although a handsome man, he could not stand rejection. His lovers were seldom allowed any choice in the matter. Much of the laxity of his administration can be attributed to the time spent with his lovers.

Once free of the bore, he adopted the name Gaebril and seduced Queen Morgase of Andor from behind the throne until he was killed with balefire by Rand al'Thor.
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Rahvin -- Ared Mosinel
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