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 Mesaana -- Saine Tarasind

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PostSubject: Mesaana -- Saine Tarasind   Mesaana -- Saine Tarasind I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 2:52 am

Unlike Semirhage, or Greandal, the Chosen called Mesaana turned to the Dark Lord because she was not the best in her profession. A woman of average height and appearance, Saine Tarasind was hardheaded, practical, and intelligent, though often taken for being dreamy because of her introspection. It has been said that she was always interested in real power, not the appearance of it. She wanted desperately to become a Researcher and she spent her youth working toward that goal, aiming for the cutting edge of exploration. Mesaana -- Saine Tarasind Pbucket
Her dreams shattered when she was denied a place at Collam Daan. The board labeled her "unsuited for research," but agreed to allow he to instruct students.

She found herself lecturing about discoveries made by others, disseminating old knowledge when she longed to seek the new. she was nothing but a lowly teacher... Until she went over to the Shadow, and as Mesaana, found a way to teach them all.

During the was she held several field commands for the Shadow, showing herself to be an adequate general at best but as a governor of conquered territories she blossomed. Her administration was orderly and efficient, as such things were reckoned among the Forsaken, which meant that atrocities were as well regulated as taxes and garbage collection. To the usual atrocities, Mesaana added her own refinements. Colling on her considerable skills as a teacher, she set up educational systems that were copied by others of the forsaken; it is possible that she administered education in territories other than her own.

These schools corrupted or damaged much of a generation of children in the conquered territiories. They were required from the earliest age to spy and report not only on each other, but on their parents and neighbors too. Under her direction mobs of children and adolescents were encouraged to destroy anything which they felt might detract from the Dark One's glory, especially museums, Libraries, and research facilities.

Many members of these mobs betrayed their own parents and relatives, and in the second half of the war even carried out executions, often impromtu but at times using "courts" comprised entirely of children.

At the time of the sealing of the bore, Mesaana was considered just in her middle years, a little over three-hundred. Upon her escape from the Seal, she secretly placed herself within the White Tower, where it is assumed she still remains.
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Mesaana -- Saine Tarasind
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