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 Sammael -- Tel Janin Aellinsar

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PostSubject: Sammael -- Tel Janin Aellinsar   Sammael -- Tel Janin Aellinsar I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 2:53 am

While scars and such were relatively unheard of especially from those of the Forsaken, Sammael had one. Sammael's scar was a livid groove that slanted across his otherwise attractive face, as if a red hot poker had been dragged from hairline to jaw. In his Age, such things were easily Restored but he refused to allow his scar to be removed, wearing it as a reminder of the humiliating defeat in which he gained it. When compared to other men he was of average height. This rankled him, for he felt he was judged more often by height than by skill, and was usually found lacking. Sammael -- Tel Janin Aellinsar Pbucket
As Tel Janin Aellinsar, he was a world renowned sportsman before the war, competing in a number of events, among them archery and a sort of bloodleess competition with swords, at which he was the world champion. He was reportedly freinds with Lews Therin Telamon, though the closeness of the friendship cannot be ascertained. With the onset of the War of Power his other talents were revealed, and he soon became one of Lews Therin's best Generals.

In the fourth year of the war he suddenly went over to the Shadow. This was partly due to the thought that he believed that the Dark One would inevitably win the war. Despite his skill as a warrior and as a tactician, he usually favored committing his forces only when certain of victory and partly because of his hatred towards Lews Therin. He beleived that he was a better General than Lews Therin and deserved the overall command that had been given to the other man. it was Lews Therin that had given him his scar.

Sammael was last known to be ruling in Illian, under the name Lord Brend, but his present whereabouts cannot be determined.
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Sammael -- Tel Janin Aellinsar
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