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 Graendal -- Kamarile Maradin Nindar

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PostSubject: Graendal -- Kamarile Maradin Nindar   Graendal -- Kamarile Maradin Nindar I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 2:54 am

The most flashy and decadent of all the Forsaken was the Woman known as Graendal. Although not as beautiful as Lanfear, she was still quite stunning in her own way. Blond and somewhat fleshy when compared to with her dark-haired rival, she sheathed her voluptuous body in clinging gowns that left little to the imagination, styling her red-gold hair in elaborate bejeweld ringlets, and surrounding herself with gorgeous half-naked servants who doted on her every whim. Graendal -- Kamarile Maradin Nindar Pbucket
Kamarile Maradin Nindar was a noted ascetic, not only living a spare and simple life, but preaching that others should do as well. She was also one of the foremost leading Healers of the mind. Dedicated to curing those with mental illness that the One Power and Healing could not touch, she was possibly the best at subtle manipulations of the human mind who had ever lived.

Within ten years after the Bore was drilled, kamarile Maradin underwent a complete metamorphosis, becoming the opposite of all she had once been. Extreme hedonism replaced he asceticism. Sensual and sexual pleasures took primacy over everything else.

After awakening from the long sleep within the seal, Greandal took over a Palace in Arad Doman, staffed it with servants stolen from among the rich and powerful families of the land, and, posing as the ailing Lady Basene, began her pusuit of power. She is till alive and at large.
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Graendal -- Kamarile Maradin Nindar
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