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 Semirhage -- Nemene Damendar Boann

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PostSubject: Semirhage -- Nemene Damendar Boann   Semirhage -- Nemene Damendar Boann I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 2:54 am

Semirhage, once known as Nemene Damendar Boann, was once a renowned Heale of the body. An unusually tall, dark-eyed woman possessed of remarkable calm and grace, Nemene Damendar was known for her ability to heal any injury, even to bringing people back from the very brink of death when all else had failed. She was often summoned around the world to deal with the most difficult cases in particular those that dealt with the brain.

In addition to being a Restorer (Healer) she was also a Sadist.
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Her pleasure was often exacted along with healing. A little extra pain for her pleasure was often the price paid by her Patients for her "healing ways." Most Patients were so grateful to be alive they made no comment about the suffering they endured during her treatments. Those people that she felt society could do without, however were not so lucky. If they did not die from the torture, she killed them afterwards. She thoroughly enjoyed giving them what she believed to be to be their just deserts ... Until the Hall of the Servants discovered her perversion.

Confronted by a delegation from the Hall, she was given a choice to be bound against violence, never to know her pleasures aain, or to be severed from the One Power and cast out in disgrace from the Aes Sedai. To her, there was no choice. She became one of the first to make the journey to Shayol Ghul, one of the first to dedicate her soul to the Great Lord of the Dark.

When the seal released her, she awakened to a world filled with people even more susceptible to her skills than those of her Age. she is alive and still at large.
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Semirhage -- Nemene Damendar Boann
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