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 Demandred -- Barid Bel Medan

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PostSubject: Demandred -- Barid Bel Medan   Demandred -- Barid  Bel Medan I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 28, 2008 2:55 am

Demandred, like Sammael, turned against Lews Therin Telamond in the War of the Shadow for reasons of envy. He hated the Dragon even for than Sammael did, though with much less direst cause.

Before his conversion to the Dark he had been Barid Bel Medan, second only to Lews Therin as the most honored and influencial man of his age. He was tall and reasonably good looking, though not so tall as Lews Therin was, and his hawk nose left him almost, but not quite handsome.
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At the beginning of the War of Power, Barid Bel quickly became one of the leading, and highest ranking, Generals in the fight against the Shadow. Barid Bel had strategic vision and a tactical flair about him. There is reason to believe that Barid Bel thought himself to intellectually far superior to Lews Therin, believing him to be an over cautious fool militarily, while he himself was a gambler, willing to play the odds. As a result he was furious when Lews Therin was appointed over him to command the forces opposing the Shadow.

Awakening from the seal to find that Lews Therin was long dead changed nothing for Demandred. He simply transferred his hatred completely intact, to Rand al'Thor. Demandred is currently alive and still at large.
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Demandred -- Barid Bel Medan
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