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 The Ta'Veren

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PostSubject: The Ta'Veren   The Ta'Veren I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 03, 2008 12:36 am

Ta'veren : "A person around whom the Wheel of Time weaves all surrounding life-threads, perhaps ALL life-threads, to form a Web of Destiny."

Noted Ta'veren

  • Rand al'Thor - Current
  • Perrin Aybara - Current
  • Matrim Cauthon - Current
  • Artur Hawkwing - Historical
  • Janduin - Former. Rand's dead father, who united the Aiel during the Aiel war.

NOTE: Rand is the strongest of the three current ta'veren and as such, has a greater pull on Mat and Perrin.

No one is born ta'veren, they are made so as the Wheel needs them to be. Ta'veren affect those around them inadvertently i.e: they can cause a person to fall off a house and then get up without a scratch on them, yet someone else can easily trip over a stick and break their neck. It is said that ta'veren can be tracked and located by their effect on the Pattern.

People with a Talent to see Ta'veren

  • Siuan Sanche - sees a glow around Rand in Fal Dara
  • Logain - sees a glow around Rand in Caemlyn
  • Nicola sees a glow around Mat in Salidar
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The Ta'Veren
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