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 Shadow Spawn -- What are they?

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PostSubject: Shadow Spawn -- What are they?   Fri Mar 07, 2008 2:20 am

The WAR OF THE SHADOW began as a conflict of men against men. But Lews Therin and his supporters soon discovered that the Dark One was more than willing to use inhuman soldiers to
fight his battles. Early in the war those opposing the Shadow found themselves suddenly facing not just men, but hoards of dark horrific creatures straight out of their nightmares, and their numbers increased as the war continued. These Shadowspawn were often vaguely human, but with differences born of the dark that made them far less than men, if not more deadlier.

Many of these creatures were constructs. Creations made by the Forsaken Aginor, and a few others, from existing genetic material. They were designed to breed true whenever possible, since natural procreation was a more certain and less costly way to produce large populations than that of using the Laboratory vats used to create them.
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Shadow Spawn -- What are they?
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