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PostSubject: Myrddraal   Mon Mar 10, 2008 9:19 pm

Trollocs do not always breed true; instead they sometimes produce throwbacks to either the animal or to the human side of their genetics.

The throwbacks to the animal half usually die, but the throwbacks to the human usually survive, although corrupted by the evil of their original makers, and these survivors are call MYRDDRAAL.

Myrddraal are known by many names around the world. They are known as Shadowmen, Halfmen, Lurks, Fetches, Fades, the Eyeless, and the Neverborn. folks around the Two Rivers call them Halfmen or Fades. The Myrddraal resemble men much more closely than do their Trolloc parents in size, appearance, and in the level of intelligence. Their names are always in the Trolloc tongue, they are nonetheless vastly different from either human or Trolloc, for the darkness twists them.

They are tall with muscular, coldly handsome bodies, and each Myrddraal is as alike as the others as if they had all been poured from the same mold. They move with a sinuous grace beyond the capability of any human, and strike with the speed of a viper. Their skin is the same pasty white as that of a slug found under a rock. The blood that runs though their veins is black in color and is highly corrosive. it is essential that one wipes his blade clean after skewering a Myrddraal, as their blood will etch into the steel of the fighters blade. Their hair is black, lacking any and all hint of human gloss or texture, and covers only their heads, leaving their pale faces bare.

The most chilling difference between a Halfman and a human is in their faces. The Fade has no eyes, not even the indentations of where the eyes should be, yet these creatures can still see like eagles in the brightest sunlight or in the darkest of shadows. This is why so many call them "The Eyeless."

sight without eyes is not their only inhuman ability. They can also vanish wherever there are shadows, and to travel great distances by stepping into any area of a shadow, only to step out of the shadow elsewhere. Even Aginor, who created the Trolloc parents of the Myrddraal was not able to discover how they could use the shadows to transport themselves.

A Myrddraal has a few weaknesses though and one of them is running water. Whenever possible they avoid crossing or traveling on any kind of stream, river, or channel. Only the greatest need can force them to overcome this reluctance. Their fear of running water will not save one who is a direct target for the Shadowman, but it often stops the casual pursuit if not faltering the directed pursuit.

Myrddraal can link with a number of Trollocs, completely overiding the Trollocs bestial nature and taking control of their minds and wills. This linking created deadly, well-disciplined fighting forces that were almost as effective as was the original intentions of the Trolloc. With the Myrddraal linked to its Trolloc Soldiers, the Myrddraal was the weakest link. If the Myrddraal were killed, the Trollocs sharing that link would die also.

The Mryddrall's weapons were fear and a sword made only in the forges of Thakan'dar, on the slopes of Shayol Ghul. these swords were not the casual makings of normal steel that the Trollocs hosts would use. Each shiny black blade of the Myrddraal were forged by the Shadow-Forgers, and each Shadow-Blade is carefully fashioned, quenched in the ink-dark, tainted waters of Shayol Ghul, and seasoned with a human soul. The smallest wound from any of these corrupted blades brings death to the victim; the wounds fester and will not heal without the aid of the One Power.
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