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PostSubject: Draghkar   Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:43 pm

While the Myrddraal were an accidental offshoot of Trollocs, other constructs equally dangerous, were deliberate corruptions of human stock. The most fearsome of these is the Draghkar.

Dangerous not because of any skill in battle -- the creature does not fight well. Having very thin and frail hands and arms, both unsuitable for weapons, its deadly weapon is it's ability to summon its prey into its lethal embrace. The Draghkar's main weapon is it's song, a soft and irresistible crooning that compels its victims to approach. It's touch is not instant death but survivors are usually far worse than dead.

The Draghkar is easily taken for an overly tall, pale-skinned man wrapped in a large black cloak. They have dark shoulder length hair that is usually pulled back into a queue. In actuality, the "cloak" is a pair of large bat like wings, capable of supporting the creatures weight in flight. The slender body beneath the wings appears human except for the too pale, almost white skin and the sharp talons that tip the human-looking hands. The face however has little of humanity in it. Gaunt cheeks emphasize large dark eyes -- much too large for any born man, and a wound of a mouth with brilliant blood red lips that cover sharp pointed teeth.

Despite their sharp teeth, it is not the bite that is so dangerous, it is their kiss. Once the Draghkar has drawn its intended victim into its embrace, the Draghkar fastens its misshapen lips to its victim in a "kiss" that slowly drains away the soul. Only when the soul and the victims personality are completely gone does the creature devour life as well.

During the War of the Shadow, as is with today, the Draghkar were used primarily as an outdoor assassin, often in conjunction with a distracting raid by Myrddraal and Trollocs. They use their wings to come upon their prey unseen, preferably at night and when the target is isolated, then drop to the ground and use their song to summon the victim to his or her death.

In book one Eye of the World, the Myrddraal used the Draghkar as scouts to locate Lan, Morraine and the Emmond Fielder's and later on to attack Morraine herself.
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