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 Aes Sedai Leadership

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The Amyrlin Seat

The Amyrlin Seat, or simply the Amyrlin, is possibly the most powerful woman on the continent. She is appointed for life by the Hall, and sheds any affiliation she has to her Ajah. The Amyrlin is from no Ajah, and from all. She wears a stole with all seven Ajah colors, although Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan removed the blue from hers upon becoming Amyrlin. She is the head of all Aes Sedai, and they refer to her as Mother and she to them as Children ("Daughters"). She is assisted in her duties by the Keeper of the Chronicles, who is second in command, and usually from the same Ajah as the Amyrlin. Her full title is "The Watcher of the Seals, the Flame of Tar Valon, the Amyrlin Seat" (in reference to the seven seals used to shut the Dark One's prison, though until quite recently, no-one knew where any of the seals were). The actual chair from where the Amyrlin rules over the Hall is also called the Amyrlin Seat. The Amyrlin's relative power depends on her political power and ability. Some Amyrlins have been able to bend the Hall to their will, while others have found themselves subject to it. Although the Amyrlin is bound by Tower law and custom, any proclamations she makes are usually considered (depending on how powerful the Amyrlin is) law or as good as. But almost every time an Amyrlin proved so incompetent or otherwise problematic that she threatened the future of the Tower, sisters have risen up to remove her.

The Keeper of the Chronicles

The Amyrlin's second-in-command, the Keeper's duties include being secretary to the Amyrlin and overseeing the official business of the Tower. What is known is that the Amyrlin chooses her and that she, too, is appointed for life (either hers or the Amyrlin's, whomever passes away first). Traditionally, the Keeper comes from the same Ajah as the Amyrlin, but there have been exceptions. Recently, Elaida a'Roihan (of the Tower) chose Alviarin Freidhen, a White sister, as Keeper, although Elaida herself is a Red.

The Keeper wears a stole to indicate the Ajah she was raised from, but legally she is no longer a member of that Ajah, serving only the Amyrlin. Recent Keepers include Leane Sharif, a Blue sister, for the former Blue Siuan Sanche; Alviarin Freidhen, a White sister, for the former Red Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan; Tarna Feir, a Red sister, also for Elaida; and Sheriam Bayanar, a Blue sister, for Egwene al'Vere. Elaida's former Keeper, Alviarin, was replaced by the Hall of the Tower after her frequent absences from the Tower were deemed to be interfering with her duties.

The Hall of the Tower

The Hall of the Tower is the administrative body of the Aes Sedai and the White Tower. It is composed of twenty-one Sitters, who act like senators, three from each Ajah. The Hall has several checks on the executive leadership of the Aes Sedai by which it maintains a balance of power in the Tower; in theory, the Hall is equal in power to the Amyrlin Seat and the Keeper of the Chronicles together. The Hall creates all official policy for Tar Valon.


Each Ajah has three sitters. Sitters are highly esteemed sisters who have been chosen within their Ajah to represent their Ajah and its interests in the Hall of the Tower. Typically, the leader or head of the Ajah is not a Sitter. The Sitters often jealously defend the Hall's power, and an Amyrlin's reign is often judged by how well she manages to keep the Sitters under her control.

The Hundred Companions

The Hundred Companions was a group of the most powerful male Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends. They agitated for a quick solution to the war against the Dark One, disrupting meetings and trying to force through Lews Therin's proposal. Numbering one hundred and thirteen, the companions were led by Lews Therin Telamon himself to seal away the Dark One. The plan originally required a circle of men and women, placing seven seals on specific points of the Bore into the Dark One's prison at Shayol Ghul. The women refused the plan on the grounds it was too risky, but Lews Therin had such power he secretly assembled a raiding force, and pressed ahead.

Although they succeeded in sealing him away, the Dark One launched a final counter-stroke, the taint of his touch on saidin. The Hundred Companions and Lews Therin went insane immediately, and began (along with every other male channeler) what became known as the Breaking of the World.
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Aes Sedai Leadership
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