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 The Amyrlin's since the Breaking

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The Amyrlin's since the Breaking Empty
PostSubject: The Amyrlin's since the Breaking   The Amyrlin's since the Breaking I_icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2008 5:28 pm

List of Amyrlin Seats from FY 939:
  1. Bonwhin Meraighdin (Red Ajah)
  2. Deane Aryman (Blue Ajah)
  3. Selame Necoine (Green Ajah)
  4. Rabayn Marushta (White Ajah)
  5. Dalaine Ndaye (Gray Ajah)
  6. Edarna Noregovna (Blue Ajah)
  7. Balladare Arandaille (Brown Ajah)
  8. Medanor Eramandos (Gray Ajah)
  9. Kiyosa Natomo (Green Ajah)
  10. Catala Lucanvalle (Yellow Ajah)
  11. Elise Strang (Gray Ajah)
  12. Comarra Zepava (Blue Ajah)
  13. Serenia Latar (Gray Ajah)
  14. Doniella Alievin (Brown Ajah)
  15. Aliane Senican (White Ajah)
  16. Suilin Escanda (Blue Ajah)
  17. Nirelle Coidevwin (Green Ajah)
  18. Ishara Nawan (Blue Ajah)
  19. Cerilla Marodred (Gray Ajah)
  20. Igaine Luin (Brown Ajah)
  21. Beryl Marle (White Ajah)
  22. Eldaya Tolen (Blue Ajah)
  23. Alvera Ramosanya (Yellow Ajah)
  24. Shein Chunla (Green Ajah)
  25. Gerra Kishar (Gray Ajah)
  26. Varuna Morrigan (Green Ajah)
  27. Cemaile Sorenthaine (Gray Ajah)
  28. Marasale Jureen (Yellow Ajah)
  29. Feragaine Saralman (Blue Ajah)
  30. Myriam Copan (Green Ajah)
  31. Zeranda Tyrim (Brown Ajah)
  32. Parenia Demalle (Gray Ajah)
  33. Sereille Bagand (White Ajah)
  34. Aleis Romlin (Green Ajah)
  35. Kirin Melway (Brown Ajah)
  36. Noane Masadim (Blue Ajah)
  37. Tamra Ospenya (Blue Ajah)
  38. Sierin Vayu (Gray Ajah)
  39. Marith Jaen (Blue Ajah)
  40. Siuan Sanche (Blue Ajah)
  41. Tower Split:
    • Elaida a'Roihan (Red Ajah) Amyrlin of the Tower in Tar Valon
    • Egwene al'Vere (None) Amyrlin of the Tower in Salidar.
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The Amyrlin's since the Breaking
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