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 The Ajahs

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The Ajahs PbucketBlue Ajah

The Blue Ajah pursues causes and justice. They are the second smallest Ajah but have great influence, due to their involvement in world events as well as the large number of Amyrlins raised from the Blue. The Blue Ajah has a long friendship with the Green Ajah, and, though they disagree on certain points, have a decent relationship with the Brown. Also despite its size, the Blue Ajah has the largest
eyes-and-ears network of all Ajahs. It is headed by a woman called the First Selector.

All Ajahs have certain traditions, and a number of the Blue’s have been established. These traditions include: never wearing red inside the Tower and wearing all blue on the first of each month are among them. It is assumed that each Ajah has weaves known only to its members, two such weaves of the Blue Ajah’s are: a weave that causes insects to gather and bite as one, and one to cause fear in the viewer.

Notable members of the Blue Ajah include: Moiraine Damodred, Aeldra Najaf, Anaiya, Cetalia Delarme, Moria Karentanis, Siuan Sanche, Rafela Cindal, Aeldene Stonebridge, Kairen Stang, Leane Sharif (after being Healed from her stilling, she switched to the Green Ajah), Ispan Shefar (also Black), Sheriam Bayanar, Faolain Orande, and Gitara Moroso.

The Ajahs Pbucket Brown Ajah

The Brown Ajah is devoted to the study and collection of knowledge. Brown sisters can often be found in the Great Library of the White Tower, which they administer, searching for new knowledge and subjects to study. While abroad, Browns frequently carry note and sketchbooks in which they document nearly everything they come across.
They often lose touch with the rest of the world, leading some, such as Moiraine Damodred, to believe that Browns are somewhat distanced and naïve only to be proved wrong by some Brown sisters', such as Verin Mathwin, deep perception of current events.

Unlike the other Ajahs, the Brown is headed not by a single woman but by a ruling council. The head of this council is known as the Head Librarian. They are also the most knowledgeable Ajah when it comes to the Tower and lore of the One Power, although they are also generally knowledgeable in many subjects.

For the past few centuries the Brown Ajah have had some disagreements with the Blue, though they still share a positive working relationship and many Browns are part of the rebel Aes Sedai. Recently the Brown Ajah has put Min Farshaw’s viewings and Perrin Aybara’s status as a Wolfbrother under much scrutiny.

Notable members of the Brown Ajah include: Verin Mathwin, Demira Eriff, Kumira, Masuri Sokawa, Morvrin, Jesse Bilal, Nesune Bihara, Adeleas Namelle, Danelle, Takima, Saerin Asnobar, and Theodrin Dabei.

The Ajahs PbucketGreen Ajah

While all Aes Sedai make it their business to combat the Shadow, the Green Ajah specializes in this kind of military and combat activity. In the Trolloc Wars, they were often called the Battle Ajah, as they participated in almost every battle. They are headed by a woman known as the Captain-General.
Greens are rarely without Warders, who provide an obvious benefit to any channeler in a battle zone, but even more than that members of the Green Ajah are well-known for their love of men, making them ideologically opposite to the Reds. The Green is the only Ajah to permit the bonding of more than one Warder, and there is apparently no limit to the number of bonded, though seven is the highest number shown so far. Also, Greens are generally the only Aes Sedai to marry, and those who do are usually among the few of their Ajah to have only one Warder. They have had a long-standing friendship with the Blues, and generally oppose the Reds, though in recent events Greens sided with the Reds in many issues before the White Tower split. Greens are equally represented in both White Towers.

Notable members of the Green Ajah include: Elayne Trakand, Cadsuane Melaidhrin, Alanna Mosvani, Myrelle Berengari, Joline Maza, Kiruna Nachiman, Adelorna Bastine, Vandene Namelle, Bera Harkin and Leane Sharif (formerly of the Blue).

The Ajahs PbucketGrey Ajah

Little is known about the Grey Ajah. They are mediators and ambassadors, and commonly dispense justice through the law. The Grey Ajah has on a great number of occasions stopped wars and other conflicts through their skill in crafting agreements and drafting treaties.

The only other important fact that is truly known about the
Grey Ajah is that they are headed by a woman known as the Head Clerk. The Grey Ajah also attempted to hold together the coalition of nations that fought against the Aiel in the Aiel War, but failed. It can be assumed that the Grey Ajah is quite skilled at political maneuvering.

Notable members of the Grey Ajah include: Merilille Ceandevin, Annoura Larisen, Andaya Forae, Beonin Marinye, Merana Ambrey, Yukiri, and Delana Mosalaine (who is also of the Black).

The Ajahs PbucketRed Ajah

The Red Ajah is strongly dedicated to preventing another Breaking of the World. This Ajah seeks out and gentles men who can channel saidin, generally by sensing the residue left by weavings of saidin. Its leader is known as the Highest.

Reds are rarely raised to the Amyrlin Seat; there have only
been three throughout recorded history, including current Amyrlin Elaida do Avriny a’Roihan. The two Reds that came before Elaida were both deposed as Amyrlin, the only two Amyrlins in history to have been deposed before Siuan Sanche.

Reds have had a long-standing feud with the Blue Ajah. This feud began when Bonwhin, the last Red to have been made Amyrlin before Elaida, tried to control Artur Hawkwing, leading to an attempted invasion of Tar Valon and a breaking within the Tower itself. Bonwhin was replaced by a Blue sister, Deane Aryman, and the two Ajahs have been at odds ever since. This feud has recently caused another break among the Aes Sedai, starting with Siuan Sanche's deposing and ending with civil war within the Tower. Many Aes Sedai, Accepted, Novices and even servants fled the Tower for the town of Salidar, where a second, exiled White Tower was created. All Blues fled the tower, while no Reds did.

The Red Ajah has also recently undertaken a new role in world affairs: they have become intermediaries between the Aes Sedai and the Asha'man. Reds now bond Asha'man in preparation for the upcoming Tarmon Gai’don: it is believed that Reds have the most experience with male channelers, and therefore are the obvious choice. This decision was not without great controversy among the Reds, however, especially since most Reds abhor men on principle (whether or not they can channel) and, historically, have not taken Warders.

Because saidin has now been cleansed of the taint, it has been suggested that the Red Ajah no longer has a purpose other than being an Ajah for Aes Sedai who hate men. It is, however, unlikely that the original purpose of the Ajah was simply to hunt down male channelers; it is more likely that the Red Ajah was an Ajah that dealt with the general misuse of the One Power[citation needed].

Notable members of the Red Ajah include: Elaida, Galina Casban (who is also Black), Tarna Feir, Silviana Brehon, Tsutama Rath, Sashalle Anderly, Teslyn Baradon, Pevara Tazanovni, Duhara Basaheen and Toveine Gazal.

The Ajahs Pbucket Yellow Ajah

The Yellow Ajah is the only Ajah that is completely dedicated to one of the Talents, namely Healing, which not all sisters are adept with but which is considered a requirement for entering the Yellow Ajah.

The Yellow Ajah has traditionally used a method of healing that utilises only Water, Air, and Spirit. This method draws
on strength from the person being healed, which results in the person becoming weak and ravenous, despite being physically healthy. This method of healing also causes a kind of shock; this shock can kill small children and animals, which are therefore not Healed. However, recent inductee Nynaeve al'Meara independently developed a new weave for healing which utilizes all five elements of the Power, as well as finding a cure for stilling which was previously thought incurable. Nynaeve’s new weave is known exclusively to the Aes Sedai that have rebelled in Salidar.

The Yellow Ajah is headed by a woman known as the First Weaver. This Ajah also has a relatively small network of Eyes and Ears. The Yellow Ajah uses a bouquet of yellow flowers strung upside down with a yellow ribbon as an emergency signal. A Yellow identifies herself to an agent of the eyes and ears network by saying something containing the words yellow and heal.

Notable members of the Yellow Ajah include: Nynaeve al'Meara, Narenwin Barda, Romanda Cassin, Salita Toranes, Corele Hovian, Samitsu Tamagowa, Nisao Dachen, and Amico Nagoyin (who is also of the Black Ajah). Ryma Galfrey, a former Yellow, has been captured by the Seanchan and made damane. She is now completely broken and has been renamed "Pura".

The Ajahs PbucketWhite Ajah

The smallest of the Ajahs, the White Ajah concerns itself with questions of philosophy, truth and logic. Whites consider themselves beyond the social causes that drive most of the other Ajahs and believe that they have no place for the material knowledge that the Browns, and, to a lesser extent, Yellows seek. Whites are often describes as showing
incredibly little emotion (coincidentally, and somewhat ironically, white is the colour of mourning in the Wheel of Time).

The White Ajah was the first Ajah to make the connection between the gentling crusade of the Reds and the dwindling numbers of channelers. The Whites thought that gentled men should breed with Aes Sedai in the hope of producing more channelers, but once it was suggested that, since the Whites discovered the relationship, they should therefore be the ones to bear the children, the Whites flatly declined and the idea was dropped.

In the past Whites have been friendly with Blues. In general, they opposed Reds; however, when Elaida was raised as Amyrlin, Alviarin Freidhen, a White, was made her Keeper of the Chronicles, despite the unofficial tradition that the Keeper and the Amyrlin be raised from the same Ajah. They are headed by a woman known as the First Reasoner, who, in the White Tower, is Ferane Neheran.

Notable members of the White Ajah include: Alviarin Freidhen (also head of the Black Ajah) Sarene Nemdahl, Seaine Herimon, Norine Dovarna, Daigian Moseneillin, and Falion Bhoda.

The Ajahs PbucketThe Black Ajah

The Black Ajah is a secret society of Aes Sedai who have forsaken the Three Oaths. This Ajah supports the Dark One, and its members are also active members of the other seven Ajahs to keep their anonymity.

The Black Ajah has been secret until quite recently. Their
existence was not acknowledged (in fact it was considered almost dangerous to mention the Black Ajah to Aes Sedai) until Liandrin and a group of twelve other Blacks fled the Tower with a number of stolen items of the One Power. The Black Ajah currently has its own set of oaths, of which only one has been revealed: it prohibits members of the Ajah from revealing other sisters as Black, the existence of the Ajah at all, or the Ajah’s current plans.

It is believed that the Black Ajah was founded by the Forsaken Ishamael, but currently it reports to Mesaana, who is undercover in the White Tower. The Ajah is administered by a supreme council of thirteen, the head of which is Alviarin Freidhen.

The Black Ajah is organized into a series of units called hearts. The hearts consist of three sisters who know only each other and one other woman from another heart.

Notable members of the Black Ajah include: Liandrin, Temaile Kinderode, Rianna Andomeran, Eldrith Jhondar, Joiya Byir, Chesmal Emry, Berylla Naron, Jeaine Caide, Asne Zeramene, Amico Nagoyin, Marillin Gemalphin, Falion Bhoda, Ispan Shefar, Alviarin Freidhen, Galina Casban (formerly second highest-ranking Black sister until her capture by the Shaido Aiel), Talene Minly, Katerine Alruddin, Elza Penfell, Careane Fransi and Delana Mosalaine.

The Ajahs PbucketEntering an Ajah

Traditionally, every sister chooses an Ajah immediately after being raised beyond the rank of Accepted. Egwene al’Vere, the current Amyrlin in exile, also never chose an Ajah as she was raised directly from Accepted to Amyrlin Seat without being made Aes Sedai first; according to a technicality in the law it was actually the act of raising
her to Amyrlin itself that made her Aes Sedai.

Ajahs have certain traditions and ceremonies involved in entering them, which aren’t entirely known. Generally Ajahs accept entrance almost immediately; it is however rumoured that some of the Aes Sedai raised by decree of Egwene al’Vere had to beg. Aes Sedai cannot switch Ajahs after being accepted into one; however, when Leane Sharif, a former member of the Blue Ajah, was Stilled and then Healed, she was considered to have lost all titles and right along with the ability to channel. Thus, when she was Healed, she did not resume her position as Aes Sedai but rather regained it, and was allowed to choose a new Ajah, the Green. She and Siuan Sanche are also the only known Aes Sedai to have been raised to the rank twice. Siuan, for her part, chose to return to the Blues.
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The Ajahs
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